Schuck, Johannes Georg der Elder

Surname Schuck
Given Name Johannes Georg
Gender Male
Born 14-MAR-1695 in Heibelburg, Stadtkreis, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Died 29-DEC-1767 in Williams Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania
Buried [Probably] Saint Lukes Old Williams Cemetery, Northampton County, Pennsylvania
Father Wilhem Ludwig Schuck (28-FEB-1657 DEU - 07-AUG-1727 DEU)
Mother Elidsbetha BECKER (1660 DUE - ) Profile of Johannes Georg Schuck der Elder

Family Line

Johannes Georg Schuck, der Elder-> Wilhem Ludwig Schuck (f)-> Hans Peter Schuck (gf)-> Daniel Schuck (g-gf).

Note that I have indexed this family as Johannes Schuck. Wilhem Ludwig Schuck (his father) and Hans Peter Schuck (his grandfather) are recent discoveries and not source properly yet. Given that it was Johannes Georg Schuck, der Elder that immigrated to the United States of America, I am inclined to keep Johannes as the head of the American Schuck (Shook) family for now.


Recorded documents show Johannes Georg Schuck, der Elder (John George Shook, Sr.) retained his German surname Schuck after arriving in the United States of America (1732). His son, Johannes Georg "Hans" Schuck, der Junger (John George "Hans" Shook, Jr.) retained his German surname Schuck as well. His grandchildren were the first to their surname to Shook. Note that the suffix "der Elder" is equivalent to "Senior" in English.

Given Name

Johannes Georg is spelled with the 'e' left off (the German way) as Georg. In English, the 'e' is appended and spelled the way we are familiar with in the United States of America; that is, George.


Anna Maria WHITTER; born: 1697 in Germany; died: 23-JAN-1772 in Williams Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania; buried: [Probably] Saint Lukes Old Williams Cemetery, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.



Johannes Georg Schuck, der Elder arrived in the United States of America on 17-OCT-1732. He landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the ship "John & William" via Rotterdam accompanied by his wife, Anna Maria Whitter, and his two children Christina Dorothea Schuck and Marie Catherina Schuck. Rosina Barbara Schuck is not listed on the ship's manifest. After entering Philidelphia, Johannes and his family traveled up the Deleware River and settled in the Williams Township area of Northampton County, Pennsylvania.


Johannes settled in the Williams Township area of Northampton County, Pennsylvania and remained there until his death. He and Anna Marie (Whitter) Schuck were members of the Old Williams Township Evangelical Lutheran Church (or Saint Luke's) near Hellertown, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. I live in New Jersey, and the church and its cemetery are only about an hour and half from my house. I've visisted the cemetery quite a few times. It's a beautiful area. There is a lot more history to describe here. I'm working on it ...

Last Will and Testament of Johannes Schuck

The fourth day of July in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty-three, I John Schuck of Williams Township in the County of Northampton in the Province of Pennsylvania, being in good bodily Health, and of sound " well disposing mind " memory and being mindful of my mortality " desirous to settle my world affairs in the best manner I can, do make this my Last Will and Testament of and concerning all my temporal Estate in manner and form following (hereby Revoking all other Wills) that I do give unto my Daughter Maria Catherina, wife of Henry Eigner of the Province of North Carolina Yeoman the sum of five Pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania. And I do give until my Daughter Rosina, the wife of Francis Nerbasse of Springfield Township in the County of Bucks Yeoman one shilling if the same shall be lawfully demanded which I will and ordain shall be in full of all her demands " Expectancy and of my Estate. And I do give unto my well beloved wife all and singular my Messaneges Lands Tenements and ? whatsoever or wheresoever with Appurtenance To hold to her my said Wife Anna Maria and her Assigns for and during the Term of her natural Life without Impeachment of Waste. And I do will and devise that the Premises upon the Decease of my said Wife shall be sold to my Executors hereinafter named and for End I do hereby give full Power and Authority unto my said Executors " the Survivor of them " the Executors of the Survivor as soon as conveniently may be after the Decease of my said Wife to grant any Person or Persons whatsoever his her or their Heirs and Assign for Ever for the best price and Consideration that can reasonably be gotten for the same. And for and concerning the Proceeds arising by such sale is aforesaid I do give and bequeath the same unto and amongst my Children namely George, Dorothea the Widow of Jacob Yount deceased, Christina the Wife of William Fulbright of the Township of Williamston aforesaid and the said Maria Catherina Part " Share alike and to their Several heirs Executors Administrators of Assigns. Moreover I do give until her my said Wife Anna Maria the use and occupation of all the rest and residue of my Goods and Chattels and personal Estate for and during all the Term of her natural Life and from and immediately after her Decease I would have what is left thereof to be equally divided amongst my said Children namely the before named George, Dorothea, Christina, and Maria Catherine. My meaning is not to lay my Wife under the Restraints of to make her or her Executors or Admen. responsible or accountable for anything that shall hereby come to my said Wife's Possession For I will not put her under the control of any of my Children. And I do hereby nominate and appoint my trusty Friends Christopher Bittenbender aforesaid Yeoman to be the Executors of my Last Will and Testament in Witness whereof I the said Johan Schuck have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the Day and Year first above written. (his John HS Schuck (Seal) Mark)


This research began with the web site (unfortunately, now defunct). Much of that work made its way into the novel Greater Than The Mountain Was He by Wilma Hicks Simpson. Using those sources of information, Johannes was the termination of this family line until recently. Research by Michael Eugene Reynolds, however, has really enhanced the profile of Johannes Georg Schuck, der Elder. Michael is the husband of my 4th cousin (Frances Ann (Stewart) Reynolds). He did his research at the Dallas Public Library. He also worked with a genealogist familiar with German history. I do not have sources for this information (yet).

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