Shook, Jan Joseph Jr.

Surname Shook
Given Name Jan Joseph
Alias Jan Jr.
Gender Male
Born 30-OCT-1962 in Port Arthur, Jefferson County, Texas
Father Jan Joseph SHOOK, Sr. (09-APR-1938 TX - )
Mother Gail Maxine PATIN (06-JUN-1940 TX - )
Jan Jr. ca. 1964 - 1965
Jan Jr. ca. 1964 - 1965

My father's parents (Earl and Effie) died within a year of each other leaving my uncle, Dean Anthony Shook, without parents at age 18. So Dean moved in with us for a couple of years. I remember a couple of distinct things about that time. First, Dean and I slept in the same bed. I was only about 2 or so, but I can still remember waking up with Dean yelling at me for kicking him, putting my feet in his face, or whatever an active two-year old does in his sleep. Second, I still remember Dean's Corvette. I thought it was a 1963 split-window (my all time favorite), but recently found out it was a 1964 model. A gorgeous car ...

Family Line

Jan Joseph Shook, Jr.-> Jan Joseph Shook, Sr. (f)-> Jesse Earl Shook, Sr. (gf)-> Joseph Webster Shook, Sr. (g-gf)-> Theodrick Shook (gg-gf)-> Josiah Webster Shook (ggg-gf)-> Abraham Shook (gggg-gf)-> Johanne Jacob Shook (ggggg-gf)-> Johanne Hans George Shook (Schuck) (gggggg-gf)-> Johannes Shook (Schuck) (ggggggg-gf).


24-OCT-1987 at Holy Angels Catholic Church, San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas to Karen Marie CORSIGLIA (24-NOV-1964 IL - )


  • Jarret Alexander SHOOK; born: 24-JUN-1993 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
  • Ashley Marie SHOOK; born: 22-FEB-1996 in Grapevine, Tarrant County, Texas