Shook, John

Surname Shook
Given Name John
Gender Male
Born 09-NOV-1806 in Missouri
Died 1860 in Arkansas
Father Jacob SHOOK (1771-1780 - before 07-JAN-1858)
Mother Elizabeth; born: 1785; died: 1835 in Hempstead County, Arkansas

Family Line

John Shook-> Jacob Shook (f)-> Johanne Jacob Shook (gf)-> Johanne Hans George Shook (Schuck) (g-gf)-> Johannes Shook (Schuck) (gg-gf).


Marriage 1

08-SEP-1831 in Hempstead County, Arkansas to Susan WILLIAMS; died: 11-SEP-1833 in Arkansas


  • Susan E. SHOOK; born: ~1834 in Hempstead County, Arkansas; died: 1868 in Conway County, Arkansas; married: 1852 in Arkansas to Purnell CHANCE (1820 IN - 23-JUN-1864 AR); married: 12-NOV-1865 in Conway County, Arkansas to Pressly G. REYNOLDS (~1830 )

Marriage 2

23-NOV-1837 in Hempstead County, Arkansas to Nancy BRIMBERRY; born: 15-JUL-1811 [probably in Illinois]; died: 12-JAN-1880 in Bosque County, Texas; buried: Brazos Point Cemetery, Bosque County, Texas


  • Ellen (or Elin) SHOOK; born: 13-FEB-1839 in Arkansas; died: 07-FEB-1852
  • William Harrison SHOOK (i), CSA (~1840 - 20-JUN-1899)
  • John Brimberry SHOOK, CSA; born: 31-MAY-1843 in Arkansas; died: Before 06-MAR-1864 in Vicksburg, Union County, Pennsylvania (in the Civil War)
  • Phineas Ewing SHOOK (04-OCT-1845 - After 1910)
  • Elizabeth Paralee SHOOK; born: 27-DEC-1848 in Arkansas; died: 02-MAR-1868 (or APR-1864) in Bosque County, Texas
  • Ira Bynum SHOOK (06-JAN-1853 - 28-JAN-1929)
  • Idaline SHOOK; born: ~1858 in Texas
  • Jefferson SHOOK; born: ~1860 in Texas


John Shook was born about 1806 in Missouri Territory. He died before 1860 in Arkansas. John Shook was named as a son in Jacob Shook's will and he was bequeathed 1/5th of Jacob's estate. John and his brother-in-law James Henry were named by Jacob as co-executors of his estate. John was a signee of a petition by residents of Hempstead County in 1830 to block a land application of unknown villains in favor a Major W. Hickman. The petition gives some insight into the necessities of the time, and shows that dirty tricks are nothing new. "Be it known to All Whom it may concern. That we the undersigned Citizens of the County of Hempstead and Territory of Arkansas. Do hereby Certify, that Major William Hickman of the County & Territory aforesaid. Bought the improved interest of a Certain Widow Fowler in and to a Saline or Salt Lick lying and being in Section Eleven, Township Ten and Range Twenty Nine West (Which he subsequently entered, together with Other parcels of land) in the Land Office at Little Rock and after Incredible expence [sic] and labor proceded [sic] to the Manufacture of Salt, for the use and Consumption of the People of this section of Country: We have Great Pleasure bearing Testimony to the laudable and Conspicuous merit of Major Hickman for Supplying us abundantly with an article of so Considerable domestic utility as Salt, at a price One Hundred Per Cent less than it could be Obtained for from Others, when by taking advantage of our Necessities and the inoperative Management of Other Salt Makers, he might have Established and exacted the most extravagant prices from us - Major Hickman has realized by his own honest and persevering industry, a little property which has drawn down upon him, that malignant envy from which deserving men, are hardly ever exempt: Applications have been made we understand for Leases of the Woodland adjoining and indeed Surrounding his entries for the avowed purpose of Cutting Off his fuel Supplies. We do however hope that the exaulted [sic] policy and Characteristic liberality of the General Government will treat those Applications with the Contempt which Such unworthy Motives usually inspire - Dated at Washington Hempstead County A. T. the 20th day of January A D 1830."

The petition was signed by forty-one citizens of Hempstead County and accompanied by the statement "I have examined the Signatures affixed to the within cirtificate [sic] and freely State that they are respectable Citizens in the neighborhood of the Salt works, occupied by Mr Hickman, and would confide in their representations - William Trimble."

It is not known if John was a Methodist preacher like his father and brothers, but it is known that he was a Justice of the Peace in Hempstead County. John was also a farmer. He received two federal land grants totaling 120 acres in Hempstead County in 1837. A third grant for 40 additional acres in 1843 was canceled.

His household in Ozan in Hempstead County in 1840 consisted of a male 30-39 years old (John), a female under 5, two females 5-9, a female 10-14, and a female 20-29 years old (Nancy). The female who was under 5 was surely Ellen. One or both of the females who were under 10 could have been his children by his short and ill-fated marriage to Susan Williams. The one female who was under 15 may have been a child by an unknown marriage of either John's or Susan's, a niece, an in-law, or even a neighbor's child. None of the later three appeared in his household in the 1850 Ouachita County, Arkansas census (in which he is listed as John Shuk). There was, however, a Susan Shock [sic] in the household of John W. Williams in Hempstead in 1850. John W. Williams was surely Susan William's father, and he was the minister for the wedding of John and Nancy Brimberry.

John disappears from the record in 1853 when he was named as co-executor of Jacob Shook's will. It is not known whether he or his brother-in-law James Henry was administrator of Jacob's estate in 1858. See the notes for Nancy Brimberry concerning a move of the family to Texas in about 1860.

John married Susan WILLIAMS on 08-SEP-1831 in Hempstead County, Arkansas. Susan died on 11-SEP-1833 in Arkansas.

John also married Nancy BRIMBERRY on 23-NOV-1837 in Hempstead County, Arkansas. Nancy was born on 15-JUL-1811 in (probably) Illinois. She died on 12-JAN-1880 in Bosque County, Texas and was buried in Brazos Point. Nancy's birth date is given as July 15, 1811 on her headstone. She is believed to have been the daughter of John and Agness (Beethe) Brimberry of Illinois. The census record concerning her place of birth is confusing. It is listed as Kentucky in 1850, as Illinois in 1860, as Tennessee in 1870, and as Illinois (by her son William) in 1880. She is mis-identified as Nancy Brinberry in "Hempsted County, Arkansas Marriages 1817-1875."

Sometime shortly before the 1860 census was taken, Nancy temporarily left two of her minor children (John and Phineas) in the care of John Hood in Ouachita County and moved to Erath County in Texas with her three other minor children (William, Elizabeth, and Ira). For some unknown reason she is listed in the 1860 Erath County census as Nancy Howard (there was also a four year old Missouri Howard in the household.) She applied to the court in Bosque County, Texas for guardianship of the five children in 1861. Guardianship was granted and a $400 bond was set, for which Albert Sowell and J. M. Locker stood security. A few years later Phineas married Paralee J. Sowell and Ira married Frances Melissa Locker.

She died on January 12, 1880 and is buried in Brazos Point Cemetery in Bosque County.

1 1840 United States Census->Arkansas->Heampstead->Ozan->Image 9/12 ( Image ...

Shook, John

2 1850 United States Census->Arkansas->Ouachita County->Missouri->Image 1/24 ( Image ...

Name Age Sex Birthplace Occupation
Stuk [Shook], John 44 Male Illinois Farmer
Stuk, Nancy 38 Female Kentucky  
Stuk, Elen 12 Female Arkansas  
Stuk, William 10 Male Arkansas  
Stuk, John B. 8 Male Arkansas  
Stuk, Fenas G. 5 Male Arkansas  
Stuk, Elizabeth 1 Female Arkansas  

3 1860 United States Census->Texas->Erath County->Beat 4->Image 1/24 ( Image ...

Name Age Sex Birthplace Occupation
Howard [Shook], Nancy 48 Female Illinois Farmer
Shook, Wm. 19 Male Arkansas Farmer
Shook, Sarah 23 Female Arkansas Housekeeper
Lancaster, John 27 Male Illinois Farmer
Shook, Parallee 11 Female Arkansas  
Thorton, Mary 10 Female Arkansas  
Shook, Ira 7 Male Arkansas  
Howard, Missouria 4 Female Arkansas  
Lancashire, Adaline 4 Female Arkansas  

4 1870 United States Census->Texas->Bosque County->Beat 4->Image 1/24 ( Image ...

Name Age Sex Birthplace Occupation
Shook, Nancy 60 Female Tennessee Keeping house
Shook, Ira 17 Male Arkansas Farmer
Shook, Idaline 12 Female Arkansas  
Shook, Jefferson 10 Male Arkansas  

* Note that William and Phineous are recorded as neighboring farmers.