The Cole Family

Nora Eppie (Bennett) Cole was the wife of Gallison Newton Cole and the daughter of Rebecca Elizabeth (Shook) Bennet and Lewis Clark Bennett. My notes are unclear, but I remember finding a typed history of the Bennett family written by Nora in a ring binder. It is located in the family genealogy section of the Mesquite Public Library in Mesquite, Texas.

Nora noted that in performance of his duty as a Texas Ranger, her father, Lewis Clark, shot a man in the back. Whether the shooting was accidental or necessary in the line of duty is undetermined. Regardless, Lewis Clark left Dallas moved to the Houston area where he is found in the 1880 U.S. Census in Harris County married to Rebecca Shook.

Also in the Mesquite Library is a copy of "The Descendents of Hiram Bennett - Pioneer Settler of Dallas County" by Inez Moore Bennett. In that source, the author notes that when Rebecca Elizabeth (Shook) Bennett died, her sister-in-law (Lewis Clark Bennett's sister), Sarah Ann (Bennett) Cole, took in the orphaned children and raised them. So far I have not been able to determine when Rebecca died, and the children (Norah Eppie (Bennett) Cole and Wade Hampton Bennett) do not show up in census records living with Sarah.

Note that Nora Eppie (Bennett) Cole was first cousin to Gallison Newton Cole. When Rebecca Elizabeth (Shook) Bennett died, Nora moved in with her aunt Saran Ann (Bennett) Cole and uncle James Madison Cole. Apparently, Gallison and Nora became an item, as they later married and had children.

In summary, the Cole family has no direct connection to the Shook family. It is really the Bennett family that is tied to the Shook family via marriage. However, the Cole family surname that glues Sarah Ann (Bennett) Cole to Rebecca Elizabeth (Shook) Bennet.