The Pate Family

According to my research, there are 31 Pate family members buried in the Pate Cemetery (not counting marriages and descendants) as follows: Allen Lee Pate, Andrew Lidden Pate (i), Mollie Eve Pate, Arnold Pate, Charles Edward Pate, Charlie Pate, Pate, Clara, Cornellia Oleain Pate, Delbert Pate, Dorothy Pate, Elvyn Leon Pate, Eugenia Pate, Frances Pate, Frances Norman Pate, Sr., Grover Jackson Pate, Harmon Pate, Harold Lee Pate, Ida Pate, James Willis Pate, Jessie M. Pate, John Pate, Leonard Pate, Lewis Nelson Pate, Osie Omie Pate, Ruby Lee Pate, Tassie Pate, Virginia Ruth Pate, Vivian Pate, William Pate, William Miles Pate, and Wilson Pate

Andrew Lidden Pate (i) was the first Pate to be buried in the Pate Cemetery (Pate-Sanders Cemetery). I have documented 78 individuals with a surname of PATE.