The Parker Family

Three family lines are documented in this Parker family research.

Family Line 1

The patriarch of this family line is Moses Parker who was born Hampshire County, Virginia and died in Marlboro County, South Carolina. His daughter, Elizabeth Parker, was born in Marlboro County, South Carolina and died in Decatur County, Georgia. She was the wife of Benagy "Ben" Pate and the mother of William Nelson Pate (the patriarch of the Pate Cemetery).

Family Line 2

The patriarch of this family line is Milas Roberson "Burney" Parker. His son, Charles Burney Parker, married Clara Pate (who was the daughter of Andre Lidden Pate and the grand-daughter of William Nelson Pate). Charles Burney Parker, Clara (Pate) Parker, and their son, Jeese Hugh Parker, are all buried in the Pate Cemetery. Their other son, Charles Ralph Parker, at about 83, appears to be living in the Tomball, Harris County, Texas area.

Family Line 3

The patriarch of this family line is Plesant Idell Parker, Sr.. He was the second husband of Elizabeth Winkler, the step-father of Frederick Neidigk, Sr., and the step-father-in-law of Eugenia "Jennie" Pate. While Plesant Idell Parker, Sr. and Elizabeth (Winkler) Neidigk Parker are buried in the Salem Lutheran Cemetery, Tomball, Harris County, Texas, two of their sons, Plesant Idell Parker, Jr. and John G. Parker, are buried in the Pate Cemetery. Their grand-daughter, Naomi (Parker) Canon (daughter of Plesant Idell Parker, Jr.), is also buried in the Pate Cemetery.

Pate Cemetery

In summary, Charles Burney Parker (line 2), Jeese Hugh Parker (line 2), John G. Parker (line 3), Naomi (Parker) Canon (line 3), and Plesant Idell Parker, Jr. (line 3) are all buried in the Pate Cemetery (Pate-Sanders Cemetery).