The Norris Family

Saphronia Carolyn (Shook) Norris married Michael Edwin Norris.

Maternal (Shook) Family Line

Saphronia Carolyn (Shook) Norris-> Josiah Webster Shook (f)-> Abraham Shook (gf)-> Johanne Jacob Shook (g-gf)-> Johanne Hans George Shook (Schuck) (gg-gf)-> Johannes Shook (Schuck) (ggg-gf).


Saphronia and Michael are buried in the Oakwood Cemetery, which is marked with a single marker with both husband and wife engraved on the marker. Oakwood Cemetery is in Waco, Texas (just a few blocks from Baylor University). I have visited the cemetery once, and, if I remember correctly, the headstone for is towards the left and back side of the cemetery (which is huge). Amanda Elizabeth (Morris) Shook is supposedly buried near Saphronia and Michael; however, there is no marker.