The Goodson Family

The Goodson family is one of the oldest families in Montgomery County, Texas. Earnest, Goodson, Eugene Vernon Goodson, Jr., Eugene Vernon Goodson, Sr., James Goodson, Mary Ann Goodson, and Nancy Goodson are all buried in the Pate Cemetery (Pate-Sanders Cemetery). Nancy Goodson was married to Lloyd Winfield Sanders and James Goodson was married to Osie Omie Pate. Most of the Goodson family members I have documented are associated with these two marriages.

If you visit the Pate Cemetery, be sure to patronize Goodson's Cafe. It is in Tomball, Texas just five minutes or so from the cemetery. The cafe is owned and operated by the Goodson family. I'm not sure if any of the Goodsons I have documented are directly related to the cafe, but it's a nice restaurant. I had a mini-family reunion with some of the Pates at the cemetery around 2004 and we finished the day at Goodson's Cafe. When I visited the cemetery this past spring (2013), we finished with lunch at the cafe.

If you are researching this family, note there is a Goodson Cemetery in Montgomery County.