The Moore Family

Jehu Moore was a close friend of the Pate family (if I remember this correctly). I think there is a picture of Jehu in the Conroe Public Library in the Pate family folder (second floor Genealogy section, in the filing cabinets just to the left when you walk in the door). That picture was put in the family folder by MaryAnn Harmouth. It has Jehu, one of the Pate sons (I think Jehu's son-in-law), and I believe Tassie (Pate) Shook (labeled as "school teacher"). The Moore family is married into the Goodson family (at least twice) and the Pate family (at least twice).

Mollie Berry (Moore) Pate, wife of William Miles Pate, is buried in the Pate Cemetery (Pate-Sanders Cemetery).